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LIMoBiS: International Conference - Language Impairment in Monolingual and Bilingual Society


Sharon Armon-Lotem

Sharon Armon-Lotem, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Titel of Presentation: Instructive bilingualism: Can bilingualism be a benefit for children with SLI

Dorothy Bishop

Dorothy V. M. Bishop, University of Oxford, England
Titel of Presentation: The underlying nature of specific language impairment: an update

Nicola Botting

Nicola Botting, City University London, England
Titel of Presentation: Social cognition, pragmatic skill and friendship in children with language impairment

Jan de Jong

Jan de Jong, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Titel of Presentation: Vulnerable markers in bilingual SLI: a study on Turkish-Dutch children

Kathryn Kohnert

Kathryn Kohnert, University of Minnesota, USA
Titel of Presentation: Bilingual Children and Primary Language Impairment

Theodoros Marinis

Theodoros Marinis, University of Reading, United Kingdom 
Titel of Presentation: Morpho-syntax vs. phonological memory in successive bilingual children: similar or different from monolingual children with SLI?

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Chiara Pecini, University of Pisa Medical School
Titel of Presentation: The role of phonological working memory in LI and developmental dyslexia in Italian children

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Laurie Tuller, François Rabelais University, Tours, France
Titel of Presentation: Inter-pathology studies on language impairment in children with hearing loss, epilepsy and autism



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